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Eat. Drink. Start a Revolution.

Real hospitality: At Overthrow, we advocate for the ethical treatment of all living beings—in restaurants, bars, and beyond.

Our Story

Dreamed Up in 2006, Established in 2020

Before we were Overthrow Hospitality, we were DeRossi Global, a premier restaurant group focusing on the building of some of New York’s favorite high-end cocktail bars. Since 2006, some of our most famed properties included Amor y Amargo, Ladybird, Proletariat, and Avant Garden. In 2020, we became Overthrow Hospitality—a mission-driven company dedicated to sustainability, inclusivity, and compassion in hospitality— becoming the premiere plant-based hospitality group in the nation featuring awarded venues like Cadence, Soda Club, & Beer and many more.

Our Style

With a keen eye for decor & a true knack for creating a complete immersive experience, Overthrow Hospitality’s venues are firmly placed at the forefront of the NYC bar & restaurant scene, offering guests a perfectly crafted evening out.

Touting such accolades as Top 50 Bars in the World (Amor y Amargo) and Michelin recognition for our venues like Cadence, Soda Club and Avant Garden, we are a proven leader in the industry with a thumb on the heartbeat of the elusive cocktail & restaurant industry.

Our Roots

The hospitality industry has long been plagued by toxicity, racism, and sexism. It is an industry that generates significant waste and thrives on animal exploitation. Unfortunately, one of the most disheartening realities is that negativity has become ingrained and expected in bar and restaurant work. The name, Overthrow Hospitality, symbolizes our mission to challenge these existing norms.